Some Tips For Bass Fishing

Fishing is a result-oriented endeavor filled with fun, but ceases to be when you fail to hook any bass. You must be incredibly strategic if you want to lure them to your bait and could be demoralizing if you don’t. To avert this desperation, here are useful techniques you should use to bulge your bass […]

Bluegill Fishing on the Beds

Bluegill fishing is one of the most fun activities to do outdoors with your kids during summer or spring. Bluegills are fun to fish due to their varying range of colors, and the spirited fight they put up before landing despite their size. More importantly, bluegills are very delicious. The best time to go bluegill […]


Pike are a carnivorous species and will consume large amounts of food each day. Their diet is predominately fish although they will take other foods such as water foul and frogs if the opportunity arises. Pike have a long, thin body which is designed for maximum bursts of speed over a short distance and a […]


Every angler looks forward to the upcoming bass fishing season but preparation is the key to having a successful season and this preparation should start at the very end of the previous season. It is important that once the angler has fished for the last time at the end of a season, that the rod […]


Many people nowadays shut themselves away indoors and make the most of modern day technology such as iPads, laptops and Xboxes instead of heading outside and experiencing the great outdoors. There are a vast range of outdoor activities that people can enjoy and benefit from and one of those is fishing. Through fishing people will […]