Some Tips For Bass Fishing

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Fishing is a result-oriented endeavor filled with fun, but ceases to be when you fail to hook any bass. You must be incredibly strategic if you want to lure them to your topwater lures, swimbait, buzzbait… and could be demoralizing if you don’t. To avert this desperation, here are useful techniques you should use to increase your bass catch.

1. Be strategic with fish points

Fishing points are usually shallow and present suitable hunting grounds for bass. However, numerous scenarios dictate bass availability, including the bait type, wind, mood of the bass, and many other factors. The winds check out your chances of baiting bass, and to maximize your catch, gauge its direction before angling. Your type of bait is also essential as bass are likely to engage depending on their mood. If they’re in a resting tenor, using swim baits can be less impactful. Conversely, jerk baits are ideal for bass in a restful mood. Be strategic to maximize your bass catch.

2. Don’t overlook lily pads

Bass love shady areas, and lily pads provide ideal places for spawning. Therefore, it would be prudent not to dismiss them. The concern is whether fishing in or by lily pads presents the chance to catch more bass. Strategy is key in angling, and fishing in lily pads is a good bass fishing master plan. Use different bait options to bass fish lily pads. Try experimenting with weedless frog fishing lures, incline buzz baits or swim jigs and see what works better for you.


3. Harness the bass-hooking potential of topwater lures

The floating ability of topwater lures provides a perfect chance of attracting bass to the surface. However, knowing when to use them is essential for a large bass catch. Early mornings are the impeccable time to use topwater fishing lures. Besides, late afternoons and nights are also productive, and you can use buzzbaits and jitterbugs to increase your chance to hook more of them.

4. Use swimbaits during cold months

Swimbaits replicate natural fish movements due to their flexible material that easily bait bass. But, you must know the right time to use them. If you’re going to fish point with swimbaits, do it during cold days as bass are likely to swim in shallow waters. Here, you’re likely to hook a handful of them more than you would during hot months. You can use different swimbaits, and multi jointed swimbaits can be more resourceful in shallow waters.


5. Use a jig for fishing

Jigging lures a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, but knowing how to use them determines that. Whether you’re using a jig swimbaits or buzzbaits, you must clone fish movements that make your bait feel lively to the bass. Therefore, don’t only cast your jig and let it sink to the bottom without moving it. Here are tips for using a jig.

• Cast out and wait till the lure hits bottom after a few seconds.

• Quickly move the jig up with your wrist before letting it sink back.

• Jig sideways and vertically while making abrupt wrist movements to replicate a fish’s movement in the water. Also, allow your lure to move horizontally.

• Suppose you feel any pressure on the line or notice some shaking, set the hook.


Fishing for bass can be fun if you understand how to do it. Whether you’re doing it for fun or catching some for dinner, you probably would be elated if any of your efforts put a few fish in your basket. We hope these few tips will be substantial to your fishing endeavors. Good luck.