Bluegill Fishing on the Beds

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Bluegill fishing is one of the most fun activities to do outdoors with your kids during summer or spring. Bluegills are fun to fish due to their varying range of colors, and the spirited fight they put up before landing despite their size. More importantly, bluegills are very delicious. The best time to go bluegill fishing is during spring or early summer. At this time, the gills migrate from deep waters for spawning, with most gills appearing in water temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They appear in shallow waters on their bluegill beds that make fishing easier. The females tend to the beds while the adult males guard the nests all day and night. During spawning, the fish depend on easily accessible food and are likely to hit almost anything. I have found that one of the best bait for bluegill is Berkley’s Gulp.


Common indicators to go for bluegill fishing include falling cottonwood fluffs. In my neck of the woods (Michigan), when we see the cottonwoods start shedding cotton, we are ready to go max out our limit. The fish tend to form beds close to shore, weed covers, and around docks. In no more than ten feet of deep water, you will almost certainly catch a nice mess of gills. Identify a pond, reservoir, or lake with less fishing activity but vast enough to attract more gills to the shores. Spawning nests below water form round craters that are easy to notice. The best time to begin the fun is early morning or late afternoon when the fish are more active. Now it is time to decide on appropriate fishing gear for a great catch!

Although most gills will appear in shallow waters, sitting at the shore of the pond or lake might not yield significant catches. Maneuver your boat through the shallow waters. Keep your speed slow. One of the best ways to catch bluegills is simply a hook and bobber with a worm. Avoid casting the bait directly into the spawning beds since you will spook the gills. Cast beyond the target and reel the hook slowly such that your retrieve line passes through the bed. The bluegills can not resist a bite.