Moonshine Fly Rods



Brand: Moonshine Rod Company

Color: 8wt 9′


The Moonshine vesper fly rod is Anti-Glare, Slate Blank with Midnight Bindings, Metallic Copper Accents & Alignment Dots. Moonshine fly rods
High Modulus, High Performance, Nano Matrix Carbon Fiber & Solid Titanium Frame SiC Stripping Guides
Light Wire Single Foot Guides, AAAA Grade Cork, & Beautiful Tobacco Tiger Reel seat
Double Blackout Downlocking Rings with Delrin Bushings and Fighting Butt
5 Compartment Rod Sock with Embroidered Cordura Tube & Extra Tip!
LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH PERFORMANCE CONSTRUCTION – With superb balance, dampening, and swing weight, the Vesper Series’ lightweight design provides ultimate accuracy. This rod features an anti-glare, slate blank with midnight bindings. Rods in this series are made of high-modulus nano-matrix carbon fiber and titanium frame SiC stripping guides.
PORTABLE CORDURA TUBE – This rod comes with a durable, 5-compartment rod sock and an extra rod tip section. Embroidered with the Moonshine logo, the rod tube protects your fly rod from bumps, dirt, water, mud, and more. The case’s sleek, compact design gives you the freedom to fly fish anywhere.
HIGH SENSITIVITY – If you’re looking for the ability to send long-distance casts and intuitive hand feel, the Vesper Series Moonshine Rods are designed for you. This dynamic rod includes light wire single foot guides and AAAA grade cork with tobacco tiger reel seat and downlocking rings.

Some reviews:

-“Where to begin? From the first cast you could tell this stick was crafted with care and focus. It’s not only beautiful but provides the ideal sensitivity and fun you are looking for. Comparing the feel of the cast vs. my others I couldn’t put it down. My first trip with it and did well with the browns on the creek and this rod rocked the lake as well. It may be a euro rod but this puppy works no matter what application (Euro, Traditional, stripping buggers, etc…) I caught some nice bows on the lake too. If you have this in your list just do yourself a favor and get it!! No Disappointments.”

-“This is a very impressive fly rod. As soon as you take it out of the box you can easily tell that this isn’t your average, mass-produced fly rod. It features top-quality materials, and, like me, is extremely well-built and handsome.” 😊

-“It’s a beautiful rod, with quality everywhere you look. It’s light, LONG (oh, my, is it long), and so…LIVELY. Yes, it’s a very nice rod, and not only the rod itself but the presentation…the entire thing comes in a nice canvas-y bag, each piece separate, and that bag itself goes in a VERY nice hard-walled case. So, being quite clear, if you decide to spend the coin on this, it won’t get hurt in the tiniest bit if you leave it in the trunk of your car or behind the seat of your truck. It’s VERY well packaged. It’s one thing to have a rod like this and then be afraid to take it anywhere because you might damage it, or have to buy a case for it. All that is included. So toss your rod in the trunk, it’ll be FINE. The build of the rod sections themselves are exquisite. The quality of the graphite blank used sounds like music to the ear when you stroke it or tap it gently with your finger. Quality graphite SOUNDS delicate to the ear, yet is amazingly strong and resilient. The epoxy job on the guide bindings is almost flawless. They even coat the logo section on the rod with a generous coating of flawless, bubble and ripple free epoxy to keep it from damage. The downlocking rings on the reel seat spin smooth as silk, and as much of them as been machined away as possible to reduce weight. The handle is beautifully crafted cork. You almost don’t want to fish with it, but rather take it on a picnic, where you can lie it out on a blanket in the sunshine for other anglers to admire with jealousy, while you sip on a mimosa and drift away to Steely Dan tunes on the radio.”