PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel




Color: 7FT M power+RE3000 Reel

Features: Red Eagle

Warm Prompt: 7′ Fishing rod + reel (No Lures & Line) Only Include 1 Fishing Rod +1 Fishing Reel. Plusinno fishing rod and reel combo. Reel gear ratio: 5.2:1.
【SENSITIVE & STRONG】PLUSINNO fishing rod blanks. All Elite Hunter Select fishing rods are constructed with IM6 Carbon matrix technology blanks giving each casting rod and spinning rod incredible performance, sensitivity and power. carbon split grip and full grip using a Non-slip EVA Handle, is made to deliver a premium rod at a greater value than the competition.
【Super Smooth Power】Stainless steel guides with Ceramic inserts makes it more smooth and durable, avoids line sticking into the guides, minimizes friction while also enhancing sensitivity by transferring vibrations from the line through the guide to the rod and to your hand.
【ANTI-WINDING TIP】 – The Tips of PLUSINNO spinning rods is designed to better prevent the fishing line from twisting, you will never struggle with the twisted fishing line again. A must have for your panfish, trout and bass fishing with finesse techniques.
【DOUBLE LOCKING REEL SEAT】 – Sturdy plastic reel seat with double locking structure is easy to assemble and disassemble, even kids can do it without any problem. Cushioned hood keeps your reel tightly in place and won’t loosen when traveling long distances on choppy water.

Some reviews:

-” The rod and reel look really nice and look of high quality. It also looks really cool, my son loves the colors, I like the aluminum wheel lock for the reel, it is of high quality. The ceramic line guides are really nice to help the longevity of my fishing line. It also seems really sensitive to fish bites. It’s a very comfortable rod to hold for long periods of time. I would definitely buy this again since I see my son and I going to this rod over our other rods so we might as well have two.”

“- Cost: Preforms way above its price point. Way, Way above.
– Super comfortable grips!!!
– Love how the reel holder and screw that tighten/loosens the reel are one and the same piece. Have you ever un-tightened your reel only to have it stuck in the metal holder thingy? I know I have too many times and this is a great feature to pay extra attention to the details as it doesn’t do it and will never allow that to happen.
– Extra long handle makes for better casting.
– So many eye holes for the line.
– Cast distance improved for me.
– Very Attractive.
– The eyelets are small at tip and smooth so line just glides out.”

-“I just gotta say… This is my first carbon fiber fast action rod and I’m so glad I bought it. What a different feel from my other MH rods. I LOVE THIS ROD !! As soon as I pulled it out of it’s sheath I had a smile on my face. The eyelets are smooth and straight as an arrow 🙂 The seat lined up perfectly for my PLUSINNO RE3000 reel I bought last month. This is the perfect combo for my pond and also Mosquito Lagoon, where I get to as often as I can. It’s got a Pro Look, is light, strong and perfectly balanced in my hand. Love Love Love this rod paired with the RE3000 reel. PERFECT 🙂 Thanks PLUSINNO for making great products and great prices. I buy everything I can from you guys because I truly appreciate a company that thinks of their customers and puts them first.”