PLUSINNO Folding Fly Fishing Net




🎣 Hoop size:16″ x 13″, Extend Length: 28″, Collapsed Length: 17″, Net Depth: 10″, Weight: 0.95 lb.
🎣 Natural Rubber Mesh : Gentle on the Fish and Won’t Tangle, Rot or Mildew. The Clear Color Won’t Spook Fish Because It Virtually Disappears Underwater. Great to use for wading, stream, shore or fly fishing, kayaking, boating and more.
🎣 Folding Fly Fishing Net and Ultra Light Weight : Portable Storage and Easy Carry. The special designed belt clip has the advantage of convenience in carrying and transportation.
🎣 Convenient Magnetic with our sturdy carabiner , you can easily clip our magnetic release to your vest or pack. Never lose your net or other gear in water.

PLUSINNO fishing net is special for fisherman, it is the best gift choice for father, husband, son and friend as well.
Fly Fishing Net Detail:
Extend Length: 28″
Collapsed Length: 17″
Hoop Size: 16″ x 13″
Net Depth: 10″
Weight: 14.6 oz
Steps for Collapse
1.Push the bottom downside.
2.Bend the hoops on both sides.
3.Fold the pole and the net.
4.Make some adjustment.
Safety Lanyard
Skid-Resistant and Comfortable Handhold
There to Make Sure You Never Lose Your Trout Fishing Net.
Special Belt Clip for Easy Carry
Foldable and Convenient Storage
Rubber texture is extra-soft, so they won’t damage delicate fish
Teardrop-shape baskets keeps fish secure, so you can safely photograph your catch
Fine rubber mesh won’t get tangled up with your hooks & tandem rig
A sturdy carabiner (included), so you can clip your net to the D-ring on your vest or pack.
2 super-strong magnets that close tightly – so your net stays safe & secure, even when you’re.
Portable net for catch and release trout, bass fishing. Use for kayak, boat, wade, stream, ice fishing and outdoor traveling.
Not recommended for saltwater fishing
Not big enough for deep sea fishing.

Some reviews:

-“I wanted a landing net for my kayak that wasn’t super tall and would get in the way of casting, and this is perfect! The plastic net is very soft so it won’t damage delicate fish, but seems to be very strong. I actually put the net under the water and peddled my kayak and it held up fine.”

-“Took a trip out to a local lake where I got to really get a feel for this net. I absolutely love it. It is well built and has the folding feature that helps for packing.”

-“The net is as advertised. The rubber is nice and your hooks don’t get tangled in it. I carry the net folded and hung on my wading belt. The belt clip on the handle of the net is pointing the right way to allow me to do this. Most fly fishing nets do not have a belt clip like this, most nets only have the hook at the end. The reason the belt clip is nice is because I prefer not to wear my fly net on my back like some people do. If you wear your net on your waste, it is easier to reach but it gets tangled up in your fly line. Because this net folds up and I can use the belt clip, it keeps the net much higher and helps prevent me from tangling it in my fly line.”