Sougayilang Fly Rod Combo



Brand: Sougayilang

Color: C-Blue Kits with Bag


Combos: Sougayilang fly rod combo is a complete package, which includes 2.5ft shipping length 5wt fishing rod, fishing rod bag, 5/6WT aluminum alloy fly fishing reel, fly fishing line, backing line, tapered leader, Braided Loop Connectors, 12pcs fly fishing flies, fly fishing box, all of these in a fishing case. convenient to carry around.
Fishing Rod: 8.85ft 4sections, GR: 30-80g/1.05-2.82oz, Made of carbon fiber, Super light weight, Using high-grade chromed stainless steel guide ring. Will not harm the fish line. A grade cork grip, Solid machined aluminum reel seat, texture, simple and firm. Fixed fish reel effectively, avoid loose swing phenomenon on fishing with Sougayilang fly fishing rod reel combo.
Fishing Reel: 5/6wt, diameter is approx 3.35in, and weight is approx 5.7oz, die-cast Aluminum body, left and right Hand clutch bearing for smooth immediate drag engagement. Accurate click drag and silent retrieve.
The combo includes everything that you will need to start fly fishing. A convenient zippered case helps you carry everything when you go fishing. Experienced fly casters and instructors who have tried this rod love it.
ONE-YEAR WORRY-FREE SERVICE – Your reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve. To convert your reel to right-hand retrieve, please contact us for guidance.

Details: The MH Rod combo features a medium fast action fly rod with a smooth progressive action with an alloy fly fishing reel.

Some reviews:

-“I am very impressed for the price. I was just getting this as another backup rod but am very excited by the quality.”

-“The kits are rod to reel matched and are well thought out to include all the necessary items you need go straight to fishing. The carrying case is an added bonus to have all the gear together and ready to go. You never know when there may be an opportunity to get the line in the water.”

-“This was much better quality than I expected. I do fish a lot and I was really impressed. Bought this for catching bass and pan fish. When no one is catching fish out of these pressured ponds and lakes, I throw a fly out there and start pulling them in. I will be bringing this down to Florida next week.”