Dardevle Spoons (Out of Stock)


Out of stock


The classic Dardevle Spoon remains the one of the most popular and among the most effective all-around fishing lures on the market today. Cast or trolled, this spoon sports a unique wiggling-and-wobbling action that is absolutely irresistible to pike, walleye, bass, and all hungry other game fish species.

Color: Red/White.
Weight: 1 oz.
Great for game fish like bass, walleye, musky and pike.

Some reviews:

-“Daredevil lures are awesome. Been using ‘em since I was a tyke.”

-“I just fished northern and walleye in Ontario Canada for a week and this lure caught both everyday and the biggest fish of the trip!”

-“Been buying these since the 1960’s. They are so good the Northerns Pike keep scratching the paint off of them. After about 50 fish they ain’t too pretty anymore, at least in my opinion, and you have to replace them. My brother is more frugal than me, he still uses his from the 60’s, so have it your way, whatever it is, and you will definitely like the action you get on these. Now,…..how to keep those other fish from hitting them? Can’t help you there. These work all year round, but are especially hot in June & July in Northern Pike Territory, Wisc, Minnesota, Canada, Michigan, Etc.”