Bass Fishing After Heavy Rain

Bass Fishing

One of the biggest chores in bass fishing is staying with the fish. Staying with them means following their patterns and throwing baits that mimic what they are feeding on. Any number of factors can throw fish off their usual routine, such as cold fronts, changes in pressure, and water levels. These, for the most […]

Ice Fishing for Bass

ice fishing for bass

Ice fishing for bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, are not the first species of fish that come to mind when the topic of ice fishing arises. But after wearing them out on the hardwater, you will undoubtedly be convinced that winter bass fishing could be your new favorite hobby. Known for their hard fighting in […]


bass fishing

It doesn’t matter if you are new to fishing or an experienced angler, bass fishing is not a complicated process (the complicated part comes with more experience). You need to know exactly what you need for Bass fishing. Here are the pieces of gear that you cannot do without:   Fishing net Hooks Live bait […]


monster bass

A lure that is tried and true is the purple night crawler with a white stripe. It definitely brings in the monster bass. Depending on what time of year it is, color is normally a factor when choosing a lure. In the spring, bright colors tend to perform better. But as the summer fishing season […]