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It doesn’t matter if you are new to fishing or an experienced angler, bass fishing is not a complicated process (the complicated part comes with more experience). You need to know exactly what you need for Bass fishing. Here are the pieces of gear that you cannot do without:


  • Fishing net
  • Hooks
  • Live bait or other lures
  • A fishing line
  • A rod and reel

    The ultimate challenge you will have to face is figuring out what rod and reel combo to pick as a beginner. There are a variety of options available but it is critical to learn the difference between an open face reel and a closed face reel.

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    A closed faced reel is a great addition for beginners because they are quite easy to use while beginning your fishing experience. Closed face reels are ideal for bass fishing and have a push button release  which makes them quite easy to handle.
    The open face reel can be much more accurate, once  your technique is mastered, but is also prone to backlash. What backlash means is when the fishing line gets tangled so much that it results in a big mess for the angler. For this reason, closed faced reels would be the better choice for a beginner.
    When choosing lures, there are some fishing basics you need to consider:
  • Lures that are noisy work well for bass since they are naturally ornery. The noise also will attract bass when fishing at night.
  • Use smaller lures during the cold months and bigger ones during warmer months.
  • Use bright lures if the water looks murky. This will improve its visibility.
  • During warm weather, consider using bright lures
    The three of some of the best lures for bass fishing include the following;
  • Crankbaits
  • Soft plastic worms (purple nightcrawler with a white stripe)
  • Spinnerbaits
    For the beginner, hooking that first monster bass will be remembered forever. Once you hook that first monster bass, you will be hooked for the rest of your life.