Laxygo Wire Fishing Leaders



Brand: Laxygo

Features: 60 pcs. Gray

Wire fishing leaders. Three different lengths – 6 in/9 in/12 in – Each of the 3 sizes is separated on its own snap hook retainer so they won’t get all tangled up and it’s easy to get individual leaders out to use.
Durable — wire test: 28.66lb. Composed of high strength stainless steel with Nylon-coated.
High quality–Crimps are very smooth. It can be easily connected to the hook and provides top quality abrasion resistance, in Saltwater/Freshwater/River/Lake. Awesome for perch, musky, pike, walleye, salmon and other predatory fishes.
Light-weight–Suitable for anyone looking for a light weight leader that doesn’t pull down a lot on your topwater lures.
Convenience– Fishing leader wire serves as a shock absorber, resulting in fewer break-offs and less pulled hooks.