Tackle Industries Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs



FREE SHIPPING 12-pack of 0.8g weight 3mm size with #14 super sharp hooks and proprietary solder mix to lock in the hooks, NO PACKAGING – Comes in small ziplock bag
Get one EACH (12 total) of the colors you see in the pictures! What triggers a strike? For a walleye and panfish, many times it’s the slight flicker of light caught by a baitfish’s eye or a certain UV reflection. For this reason we designed our tungsten jigs with the highest quality paint and anodized exterior coating in the industry today.
What is one of the biggest complaints for small tungsten jigs today? Paint blinded line tie eyes. Many times consumers will break the hook line tie due to digging out excess paint. For this reason we make sure most of our jigs come with no blinded line tie eyelets.
Our Tungsten jigs are finished with a hardened clear-coat. Embedded in the clear-coat are small specks of metallic particles that give off extra sparkle, leading to more sun pickup and strikes
Metallic coated OR UV Glow in the dark paints used on all tungsten jigs.