Truscend Multijointed Bass Lure Set



Truscend Multijointed Bass Lure Set is made with a 6 segmented body that causes life-like action as it moves through the water. These swimbaits have 3-D eyes and a pearl powder coating that really make the target fish think that it a real fish. They are made with ABS material and have a built in rattle that will attract fish and cause them to attack. Not just for bass, these multi jointed swimbaits will attract yellow perch, walleye, pike, musky, trout salmon and more.

Some reviews include :                                                                                                                                                                           – “These came in today and I had some free time so I went to try them out. Boom! Caught a nice peacock bass within 10 minutes of playing with these lures. They swim great in the water.”

– “Striped bass love these lures.”

-“Large profile bait with some solid action. Gets the big bass fired up and munchin’.”

-“These lures have proven themselves to me over and over. I’m a novice fisherman, but these lures make me look like a pro. I highly recommend them!”