SCOTANK Steel Fishing Leaders



Brand: Scotank

Color: 40LB 60PCS


Steel fishing leaders. In the latest version, solved all the problems, such as “clasp breaks open easily.” Test:20 KG or 40 pounds, premium stainless steel nylon-coated wire leader, to ensure these high-quality leaders are tough enough for sharp teeth.
60PCS,Three Size: 12 inch (28 cm),9 inch (23 cm),7 inch (18 cm),Diameter:0.019inch(0.6mm),Each of the 3 sizes is separated on its own snap hook retainer so they won’t get all tangled up and it’s easy to get individual leaders out to use.
Steel leaders, durable and tough enough for fishes with sharp teeth; apply to a variety of baits or lures, perfect for using in both saltwater and freshwater.
Wire fishing leaders are convenient when connecting with fishing hook, it can prevent fishing line from snapping by fishes.
Steel leaders for pike, perfect for toothy fish, catfish, trout, crappie, striped bass, eagle claw northern pike.


Wire leaders for fishing made by nylon-coated stainless steel wire, boost abrasion resistance.

The high quality material builds toughness, and pay more attention to details.

Nylon Coating seals out water, reduces visibility, and improves life of leader As you use spinner lures, the swivel and snap protect your line from twisting.

The high strength leader line makes it available to choose thinner main line, so that you cast the lures further. tooth proof leader wires have clips and swivels, provide maximum protection the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, Catfish and other toothy fish. Ideal for rigging all types of bait or lures when you need abrasion resistance and to prevent the fishing line from snapping.


20pcs x 28cm Length stainless leader

20pcsx 23cm Length stainless leader

20pcs x 18cm Length stainless leader