Croch Stainless Steel Fishing Leaders



Brand: Croch

Color: 72PCS


Multi-choice — 5.9” / 7.9” /9.5” 30LB (72PCS – 24pcs of each size)– 19″ 100LB (30PCS) — 19″ 150LB (30Pcs)Durable — Made up of stainless steel with black Nylon-Coated. Withstand a lot of bites from some pretty big fish! Especially fish that have big teeth! Steel fishing leaders
High quality. Crimps are very smooth. Swivels turn easily to keep your line from twisting if using spinner lures.
Light-weight. Suitable for anyone looking for a light weight leader that doesn’t pull down a lot on your topwater lures.
Convenient. A lot easier than rigging your own. Much smoother and cleaner than assembling these yourself with pieces.

Details: Croch tooth proof leader wires have clips and swivels, provide maximum protection the ferocious jaws of Barracuda, Catfish and other toothy fish.
Ideal for rigging all types of bait or lures when you need abrasion resistance and to prevent the fishing line from snapping.


* Made with semi-rigid material to resist bite-offs and provide ultimate impact strength

* Rolling barrel swivels reduced line twist

* Nylon Coating seals out water, reduces visibility, and improves life of leader

* Assortment lengths. Very sturdy and a lot easier than rigging your own

* Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater

Package include:

30LB 72PCS
24 pcs x 5.9” Length Fishing Wire Leader
24 pcs x 7.9” Length Fishing Wire Leader
24 pcs x 9.5” Length Fishing Wire Leader

Good price for what you get! Super addition to your fishing arsenal !