Kelly's Plastic Worm



This 5 1/2″ Plastic worm Lure Designed and Scented Especially For Bass! Stays Soft and Flexible for Good Action! Three No. 6 Mustad Hooks Precisely Arranged for Bass Attack. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 17 lb. Test Inside Leader. Made In Six Of Natures Natural Colors That Distract Fish From Their Traditional Habits. With Built-In Fish Catching Scent “Anise Scented Plus”™.

We are the makers of the FAMOUS ORIGINAL #1 HAND-SEWN Anise Scented Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Worm Lures. A Family-Owned Business since 1960.

A tried and true lure, rubber worm fishing lures are some of the best of all time, especially the purple night crawler with a white stripe.