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Orvis Encounter 8WT 9′ Fly Rod Outfit

Details: Big fish, small budget The Orvis Encounter 8-weight 9′ fly rod outfit is what Orvis describes as “affordable awesomeness”. We agree. This fully rigged outfit promises great value for its performance. As an outfit to dip your toes into fly fishing, or as a truck rod (a rod that gets left in the truck for whenever a fishing opportunity arises), the Encounter gets the job done.

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfits include the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod, Orvis Encounter Fly Reel, Orvis quality WF floating fly line, Dacron backing, Orvis tapered leader, and Orvis cordura rod tube. All Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfits are shipped properly rigged and ready to fish…just tie on a fly! The Orvis Encounter 908-4 Fly Rod Outfit is a versatile setup perfect to cover a wide range of species including big browns, largemouth bass, carp, steelhead, redfish, snook, bonefish, and general saltwater fishing. Encounter Outfits deliver higher quality than any other value package that you will find. Encounter rods are surprisingly smooth and easy to cast, with a progressive medium-fast action ideal for any angler. The Encounter 8wt will throw big streamers with ease, will launch bulky bass bugs and poppers effortlessly, and will turn over saltwater flies in the wind. This is the perfect outfit for newer fly fishers targeting larger species to get started on the right foot with quality equipment. Pick up an Encounter Outfit and discover “Affordable Awesomeness!”

Some reviews:

-“I picked up this rod/reel combo to use as a primary steelhead setup. I was instantly impressed with the materials, and balance of this rod. It casted extremely well under various rigs. Chucking-and-duck egg patterns, to slightly more delicate nymph/bugger presentations. The reel is definitely well built and sturdy enough to handle most normal usage. I caught about 9 steelhead on this rod, in varying conditions. It played fish well in deep pools, and shallow/fast pocket water. If you are like me and are looking for a nice rod to fill your quiver, I’d recommend this setup. It is a perfect selection for someone who steelhead fishes a few times a year.”

-“Took it out a couple times and it’s a good beginner pole. Don’t buy the super cheap sets with all kind of gadgets it’s not worth it. This set up is good and it’s a trusted brand.”

-“Great Orvis product! This rod/reel combo has a lot of value and works as well as any $1k Orvis.”