Moonshine Drifter



Brand: Moonshine Rod Company

Color: Matte Vintage Brown – 5WT 9′ (4PC)


High Performance, Medium-Action Graphite
4 Piece Rod with Hard Canvas Case and EXTRA Tip Section!
High grade AAA cork grips with burled ends & Spalted Burl Reel Seats
Copper anodized Hardware, from the reel seat to the tip top.
No Fault LIFETIME Warranty!

Details: Imagine a rod that looks like nothing you’ve never seen on the rack at your local fly shop. Now imagine that rod having some of the best action and sensitivity you’ve ever felt, even in upscale rod brands. Now imagine anodized copper hardware from reel seat to tip, a vintage color scheme, and exquisite Burl wood double locking reel seats. Finally, imagine being able to actually afford this rod without having to pull out a second mortgage on your home. The moonshine drifter fly rod.

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made with performance, medium action graphite and high-grade AAA cork grips. The cork grips have burled ends while the burl reel seats are double-locking, dyed to showcase this rod’s impressive wood graining.
DYNAMIC 4-PIECE ROD – Cork grips keep this rod lightweight, while copper anodized hardware keeps the rod finish sleek and durable from the reel seat to the tip top. This model comes with two rod tip sections, so you’ll always have a replacement handy.
PORTABLE CANVAS TUBE – This rod comes with a durable, hard canvas fly rod tube. Embroidered with the Moonshine logo, this tube protects your fly rod from bumps, dirt, water, mud, and more. The case’s sleek, compact design gives you the freedom to fly fish anywhere.
DESIGNED FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS – Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just trying to land your first catch, Drifter Series Moonshine Rods are designed for you. This comfortable medium action rod creates effortless casting ability, throwing big flies while preserving a gentle presentation.
BUILT TO LAST – We understand your fly fishing adventures can present obstacles that can leave you dead in the water with a busted rod. When you invest in Moonshine, you’ll get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty with an industry-competitive fee to get you back up and running in no time.

What’s Included With Every Drifter Series Fly Rod:

– No Fault LIFETIME warranty
– TWO Tip Sections!
– Hard Canvas 5 Compartment Fly Rod Tube with Embroidered Moonshine Logo.
– Hand Turned Spalted Burl that has been dyed to reveal the exquisite graining in the wood.
– Copper anodized Hardware, from the reel seat to the tip top!
– High grade AAA cork grips with burled ends.


The Drifter Series rods are unlike anything we have cast before, Therefore it is almost impossible for us to compare them to any other big name brand. We consider this to be a GOOD THING. The best way we can explain it without it being in your hands is:

– “Nice, comfortable medium action, stiff enough to get your line shooting long distances, but soft enough to where it is a true pleasure to fish.”
– “Just enough flex to have a hell of a lot of fun on the water. Roll casts, and beautiful long double hauls are in your future.”
– “Effortless casting ability for all skill levels.”