Dovesun Ice Fishing Kit



SHARP & DURABLE ICE FISHING KIT: Made of high quality led and steal, the hook is sharp and durable. The unique shape makes the ice fishing jigs drop faster. The sharpened hook and the barb can increase the possibility of catching. Deadly for walleyes, bass, trout, pike, crappies, Panfish, bluegill, yellow perch, etc.
ATTRACTIVE COLOR ICE FISHING LURES: The ice fishing lures with a bright color and the realistic raised-fin attachment eye will be more attractive to the fishes. There are 3 types soft fishing lures added in this ice fishing tackle box, including 2 luminous fishing lures. Attract the fishes from a wider area, bring you a better penetration.
WONDERFUL ICE FISHING JIGS ASSORTMENT: With the soft fishing lures, makes the swimming action more like a real fish. The lifelike swimming actions is great for ice fishing. They are small but with a good weight and makes it easy to cast your line out and maneuver. Easy to use and storage. Wonderful for your ice fishing trip!
ICE FISHING JIGS & SOFT FISHING LURES FISHING KIT: Great assortment of different ice fishing jigs. Package includes: 28pcs Ice Fishing Jigs + 30pcs Soft Fishing Lures. Total 58pcs in the box. 5 different shapes of ice fishing jigs and 3 types soft fishing lures. 1/14oz, 1/15oz, 1/16oz, 1/18oz jig heads. Great for ice fishing. Perfectly meets your require in different needs and situations.
STRICT QUALITY CHECK: All the fishing jigs are contained in a quality plastic tackle box and checked by our quality department before the shipment. Hope our jigs can take you a pleasant fishing experience. And importantly, please keep safe while you are ice fishing. Let’s make fishing more fun!

28pcs Ice Fishing Jigs
1/18OZ (1.6G) * 6PCS
1/18OZ (1.6G) * 6PCS
1/16OZ (1.7G) * 6PCS (Only one will glow in the dark)
1/15OZ (1.8G) * 5PCS
1/14OZ (1.9G) * 5PCS (Only one will glow in the dark)
30pcs Soft Fishing Lures
1/56OZ(0.5G) *10PCS (The golden soft lure, can glow in the dark)
1/56OZ(0.5G) *10PCS (The red soft lure, no luminous)
1/100OZ(0.3G) *10PCS (The white soft lure, can glow in the dark)