Bassdash Ice Fishing Jigs



Brand: Bassdash

Color: 24 pcs assorted crappie/panfish/perch jigs


Features highly detailed paint and solid bright coating which has a great performance in bright environment; 21 pieces of them are luminous in the dark
4 types of ice fishing jigs and each type has a 6-color combination, 24 pieces in total
Tip it with a wax worm, small minnow or plastic bait to attract more fishes
Compact tackle box with EVA foam pad keeps your jigs well organized
With varying sizes of jigs make the ice lure kit a perfect selection for crappie, panfish, perch, bluegill and walleye. Bassdash ice fishing jigs.

Details: Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure Kit Glowing Paint Jigs for Winter Ice Jigging Crappie Sunfish Perch Walleye Pike.

Some reviews:

-“This is a great assortment with different weights and sizes of hooks. The paint job is quality, clear, bright and care was taken not to overspray paint and fill the eyelet. The last thing a fisherman wants is to go to tie a jig on and find the eyelet is painted over and you can’t get the line through it. These were painted meticulously, even the eyes have two colors to make them stand out and there is pride in the workmanship.”

-“I love to ice fish and I bought these for a guys weekend fishing and they turned out to be everyone’s favorite lures. We were jigging for mostly crappie and sunfish but hoping we could catch a walleye.- They were very colorful and lots of good variety of lures and they are priced very reasonable. This company is very good to work with as I have purchased several items from them and they are great-cant wait to find out what else they have for my summer fishing.”

-“Love this set, great variety, and they hold a good glow.
The colors and patterns attract a good variety of fish…been killer for crappie and perch.”