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ALL-PURPOSE FISH LANDING NET – From bass to catfish to bluegill, this folding fish net can help you retrieve those freshwater or saltwater fish after a catch to ensure they don’t get away at the boat
COMPACT, FOLDABLE, AND PORTABLE – Designed to be easy to fit inside the boat or take with you when you’re fishing from the dock our fishing net is lightweight, versatile and easy to use.
HEAVY-DUTY NYLON MESH – Each large fish net boasts an equally durable mesh netting that traps, holds, and picks up fish without worrying about tears. It’s also safer and gentler on fish as well.
TANGLE-RESISTANT NETTING – We use a stronger, more reliable mesh pocket in our STRIKEBAIT fishing landing net that also resists bunching up, tangles, or mess so you don’t have to worry when you need it most.
FISH LIKE A PROFESSIONAL – Here at STRIKEBAIT we make fishing gear, accessories, and tackle that are made to give you every advantage out there on the water. And that same quality extends to the reliability of our folding fishing net.

Details: Never Miss a Big Bass or Massive Catfish at the Boat with a Foldable Fishing Net from STRIKEBAIT.
If you’re like any other fisherman in the world you’ve got a fish story that begins with, “It was the biggest fish I’d ever seen…and I lost him right before he got in the boat.” That’s why we created the STRIKEBAIT Foldable Fishing Net that ensures you get to tell a fish story that ends with it sitting in your live well.
Never Let the Big One Get Away
When you’ve finally got that fish you’ve been fighting to the boat don’t rely on some heavy, hard-to-manage net to make sure you get it reeled in. Choose the STRIKEBAIT fish net and make sure you stay in control of every situation.
– Lightweight and Easy to Manage
– Compact and Foldable
– Easy to Use with One Hand
– Rugged Rip Resistant Mesh Netting

– The lightweight, foldable design
– Strong Metal Pole
– Non-Slip Cushioned Grip