SQUANCHY Fishing Swivels





[High Quality] Squanchy fishing swivels are made of high-strength stainless steel, better corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance under various scenes. Professional polishing avoid damaging your fishing line
[Strong Pulling ]This small swivel has a strong pulling, sturdy constructed ensure high strength. High speed rotation against twisted and tangled lines.
[Wide Applicability] Rolling barrel swivel can engage in various rigs and leader trace making, high performance in catfish fishing, general freshwater and saltwater fishing, offshore fishing swivels
[Good Companion For Fishing]The use of double swivel fishing can prevent the fish from tangling when struggling, Effectively reduce resistance in water and is good for gravity.
[ Size] 3/0# 282 lbs. 50pcs

Details: Swivel is designed to keep line twist to a minimum- allowing you to fish longer and with less problems when trolling or casting.