SundayPro Crankbait Fishing



Brand: SundayPro

Color: fishing crankbait – 10pcs


[SundayPro Topwater crankbait fishing lures ] Our crankbait lures,5 PCS Topwater bass lures(3.93 inch/0.53oz),5 PCS Mini Crankbaits(1.18 inch/0.06 oz) in one gifts box, Multi-colors are available. Crankbait fishing.
[5 Crank Baits+5 Mini crankbaits Bass lure] Crankbaits are one of the most commonly used bass lures. Crankbaits come in shallow crankbait and deep diving crankbait for your choice. Bright colors and realistic crank bait, attracting fish that can be used in salt water and fresh water. The durable ABS construction makes it equipped with sharp tweeter hooks, making it a powerful capture tool.
[Unique Rhythmic and Gravity Ball ] Use 3D holographic fisheye, With steel ball inside, the ball is always rolling when dumping which can control barycenter easily and can be casted far. Built-in gravity ball helps to raise the throw distance and make some noise to attract the fishes.
[Wonderful fishing tool ] Perfect for ocean, lake, river, reservoir, pond and stream. Such as perch, catfish, perch, rockfish, trout, bream, musky, herring, roach, grouper, black fish, walleye etc. for both saltwater and freshwater. Perfect for all ages and skill levels.
[THE PERFEACT GIFTS ] With a beautiful gift box makes them easy to carry and store. It’s the best gift to send father, son, husband, fianc√©, boyfriend. Don’t forget to get an extra set for a friend ! A perfect gift idea for all fishing players in your life.

Details: 10PCS SundayPro crankbaits fishing bass lure you can choose !!

Suitable for all aquariums.
The 3D eye makes it look as natural as a live bait.
The Gravity Ball has a large gravity effect, lifelike swimming movements in the water, make it powerful fish catching tool.
ABS material is environmentally friendly and strong construction help you catch more fish.
Simulation bait, special painted, bright color, suitable for different waters.
Good ideal for Catching Saltwater & Freshwater Species.

Name: Topwater Crankbait Fishing Lures
5 * Shallow crankbaits
5 * Deep diving crankbaits

Pay attention to the hooks to avoid being hurt.