Sougayilang Braided Fishing Line



Color: Multi-color

Features: 45 lb/0.324mm – 150M

NEW 9 Strands !!! Sougayilang releases the new 2020 Braided Fishing line. It’s more outstanding shock resistance, more superior abrasion resistance and stronger knot strength compare to 4 strands and 8 strands.
Super Sensitivity – You will catch more fish with Sougayilang 9 STRANDS braided fishing line, which is low stretch and high sensitivity. Fishing line production technology is precise, uniform diameter.
We compared to other brands line, and it shows that for the same spool, our 9 strands is more winded than 4 strands and 8 strands.
Near Zero Stretch – We pay attention to the quality of every inch of fishing line, which are braided with extraordinary quality raw materials. Line stretch would never happen here!
Wiser Choice – We are confident to say that you can trust our 9 strands braided line since we not only control the production and material selection process, but also have perfect after-sales service.