GOTOUR Bass Fishing Lure




Color: 4″ Bass


🐟【8 SEGMENTS REALISTIC LURES】: Designed with 8 segmented body sections, GOTOUR bass fishing lure can sink slowly and deliver a natural S-shaped swimming action at any speed, which will bring on quicker bites.
🐟【ADVANCED AUTHENTICITY】: Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body that is supported by strong mesh woven fabric, the swimbaits feature life-like 3D eye and pearl powder coating design which can trigger the natural predator instinct of these freshwater or saltwater monsters.
🐟【MUSTAD HOOKS】: The hooks are the highest quality and very sharp, which offer the best possible penetration force and help ensure increased fish hook ups in all situations.
🐟【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】: Widely targeting to catch Bass, Pike, Muskie, Trout, Walleye, Snook, Salmon etc. Equipped with built-in rattle, the bass fishing lure can emit bass sound wave continuously to stimulate predatory instincts.
🐟【PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ASSURANCE】: If you are not satisfied with our fishing bait kit, please feel free to contact us. We provide customers with 12 months of after-sales service. We will send gifts at random.

Package Dimensions: 20x150x80

Details: 1.Long Casting Distance – This is definitely a distinct advantage of hard baits over soft baits. The hard baits are more aerodynamically constructed and do not deform when thrown hard. Hard baits are designed with a special telecasting system that allows the bait to shift its weight to the end of the lure, thus changing the center of gravity of the lure and allowing it to travel greater distances. Metal baits are often the preferred lure of many anglers simply because of their excellent long casting performance. 2.Hard Baits, hard baits can withstand attack by the target fish and general wear and tear, and if used properly, they will certainly last longer than soft baits. In most cases where the target fish has sharp teeth it may be wise to use a hard bait. 3.Greater vibration/swimming – Hard structures allow certain hard baits to vibrate violently underwater, triggering an aggressive response from some fish. 4.Unique swinging strokes – soft baits are difficult to achieve with these overall large swinging strokes. Our unique 8 Jointed Design act more realistic than others 5.The rigid structure of a hard bait is more audible and relatively louder, allowing it to travel farther.