Bassdash Assorted Trout Flies



Brand: Bassdash

Color: 76 pcs assorted trout flies kit with fly box


The 76 flies in 28 patterns in this collection are some of the most realistic flies to be found and include: Bead Head Nymph, Scud Nymph, Cat’s Whisker, Humpy Fly, Parachute Adams, Bead Head Prince Nymph, Wooly Worm, Flashback Shrimp, Cone Head Streamer, Brass Head CDC Nymph, Bead Head Caddis Nymph, Epoxy Garden Worm, Yellow Bug, and Scud Nymph
Please refer to the pictures for the detailed fly patterns and corresponding hook sizes
All Bassdash flies is tied to exacting standards on chemically sharpened, high-carbon hooks
This flies kit comes locked and loaded in a high grade double-sided fly box
The flies included in this kit are perfect for targeting Trout, Bluegill and some other Panfish, Grayling and other freshwater fish.

Details: The Bassdash Flies Kits are prepackaged fly fishing lure combos that make selecting the right flies for getting started in a snap – eliminating the guesswork that can be so intimidating to a new fly angler.

While the experienced angler will find plenty of value in these packs they are primarily geared at giving the newbie a hand up into the sport. All the hard work has been done for you. The flies have been selected, categorized and placed in packs that are well defined and easy to understand. The quality and durability is unquestionable and each fly provides a learning opportunity, a chance to discover the complex world of selecting and using flies.

Some reviews:

-“As soon as I got the box of nymphs I head over to the nearest creek. As soon as I get a good steady drift the fish would strike. I was able to try out 4 different midges. The product were well tied and bonded. It was tough enough to stand up to numerous strikes from big Colorado browns and rainbows.”

-“I purchased the 76pc fly box from Bassdash. The flies are very well made and stand up to rigorous fishing. I have gotten several of the dry flies caught in weeds and verious vegetation and yet they still hold up and fish well. I would highly recommend these sets to any fly angler.”

-“I was really concerned that these would turn out to be crudely made and finished! NOT S0! They are beautiful! Well made, well finished, and nicely packaged, in a quality fly box, and they catch fish! as well as any wet fly out there!”