Charm Yee Assorted Fishing Lures



Brand: CharmYee : Assorted Fishing Lures

If you are looking for a variety of different fishing lures for many types of fishing, look no further. This 133 piece assortment has you covered for what you need for blue gills, bass, crappie, pike, trout and many others. Great for experienced anglers as well as beginners.

Some reviews include :

-“This set was so much better than expected! An excellent variety of lures. We use them out on Norris Lake, in Tennessee with fabulous results!”

-“great starter kit of lures and jigs. I don’t know the name of it, but the flexible hard lure is my favorite, based on it’s fishy swimming action. The small worms are great for pan fish and trout!”

-“This set has 133 pieces of lures and tackle. There are some with 3-D realistic looking eyes, multi-section lure bait. The minnow and metal VIB appears so delicate and vivid that it looks just like a real fish. The multi section lure can sink slowly and move flexible in the water. You have everything you need for the beginner to the avid fisherman, portable and ready to go!”


Details: Awesome for gifts. Packed in a pull-out gift box, trendy new hard bait soft bait, rich in various types of accessories, 133 pcs fishing lure set is not only suitable for beginners fishing, but also for experienced fishermen. You are free to choose the bait you need. Product Details: 1pc multi-section lure bait 2pc minnow 2pc Top water Frogs in green & yellow 1 pc metal VIB 6pc Spinnerbaits 4 Bullet Weights in 2 different styles 4pc Jig Head Hooks in 2 different styles 15pc Jig Hooks 10pc Snap Swivels 10pc Rolling Snap Swivels 20pc soft Curly Tails in 2 different colors 20pc soft Worm baits in 2 different styles 6 fishing leaders 10 pc heart shaped plastic sheet 22 other accessories Feature: 1.Material: Plastic/Metal 2.Color: Assorted 3.Position:ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir, pond and stream 4.Packing included: 133pcs Note: 1.Fishing hooks are sharp, use with caution.