M MAXIMUMCATCH 9 ft 5 wt Fly Rod




Color: Extreme Rod

Features: 9 ft 5 wt fly rod

DESIGNED for a PREMIUM ENTRY LEVEL AT AN OUTSTANDING ATTRACTIVE PRICE – a high quality blank, using the best available components for this price, the rod just feels like most rods twice or triple of the price. Best choice for the young guys to get into fishing and also works reliably for the experienced angler for a back-up rod. We just want to make fishing simple and affordable with a maximuncatch fly rod.
EXCLUSIVE MAXLINQ BLANK TECHNOLOGY – Pure IM7 24T plus 30T carbon fiber. With mixed 5 layers of carbon including Reinforced Muscle carbon layer for at least 20% increase in strength. The high performance blank will prove the quality is not only associate with high dollar price tags, the highest performance to price ratio
DISTANCE and PRESENTATION – a fast action design rod blank to excel in distance and presentation. Loading easily for long casts into the wind. Slim taper engineered to be smooth and powerful, all for easy long distance casting. Making it easier for new guys getting in to fishing to become a high frequent fisher
HIGH STANDARD SMOOTH GUIDES – MaxSelect Stripping Guides and Ultra lightweight Hard Chromed stainless steel snake guides and Over-sized tip loop for smoothest longer casting. PURE CORK HANDL and REEL SEAT – Pure A+ Contoured Cork Handle for comfortable gripping and also helpful for casting. High Density machined aluminum reel seat with two up-locking rings for reliable fixing of the reel foot. And will tolerate saltwater environment.
ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY and LifeTime Repairing Warranty – MAXCATCH as a 15 years rod factory, offer “No Hassle” warranty for all our rods for one year. If you are not 100% satisfied with our rod, you can return it in any time. And we also offer lifetime repairing for All Maxcatch rods.

The EXTREME Rod is offered at the most competitive price at the similar level or even better.
We just hope to let more fly fisher have a chance to experience MAXCATCH quality.

ONE-YEAR No Hassle WARRANTY offered for your purchase with total peace of mind. We believe
in our 13 years fly rod factory quality control system, this is why we back our reels with 12-month
warranty and with friendly, easy-to-reach customer service support.

A fast action fly fishing rod. Easy-to-Cast, Ideal for new fly angler and also good for experienced anglers as
a backup rod.

The four-piece model allows flexibility for the traveling angler. Our lightweight design is perfect for on the go!

Fast action fly fishing rod
100% IM7, 24T+30T mixed Carbon fiber
AA+ grade cork handle
Solid aluminum steel reel seat featuring twin locking rings
Matte green blank with transparent green wraps
Fitted with tip-over-butt ferrules free of alignment dots
Two strippers, hard chrome snake and tip-top
Plastic rod tube included

About Maxcatch Fly Fishing

Maxcatch started for making fly fishing tackles from 2005. From a small in garage hand-made fly box and
fly reel making workshop. After 13 years, with our own pro-angler and engineers combined product
developing team and fly rod, fly reel manufacturing factory built up.

As the No.1 fly fishing brand, we aim to let the worldwide fly fisher to experience the reliable
quality with a factory-direct price. In the meanwhile, with peace-of-mind quality warranty support.

All Maxcatch gears come with at least a 1-year warranty. If you need an item replaced or repaired, just
contact us for an easy and swift customer service support.

Some reviews:

-“I bought this rod as a backup rod due to the reviews. I don’t normally write reviews but this rod deserves recognition. I’ve been fly fishing for 60 years and I have mostly sage rods with different lower end backups or beaters. I would highly recommend this rod as a good affordable backup rod for accomplished fly fisherman and would be a wise choice for a beginner or intermediate. You cannot find a better rod for the money.”

-“I’ve been a spinning fisherman for almost 4 decades and wanted to try fly fishing. The local fly shop showed me beginner rods for around $400, and reels starting at $100.. Can you say sticker shock? I went to the local chain fishing stores and tried their beginner package, and they seemed pretty gimpy and cheap. So I ordered the Maxcatch 9ft 5wt and Maxcatch 5/6 Weight reel, line, backing for under $100. As a lifelong musician, I’m aware that if you want to learn an instrument, and you start off with a cheap poorly made POS, you’ll get discouraged and either give up for good, or realize you wasted your money and spend more and try again. Well this rod is not the case!. It’s a level above the chain sporting goods store beginner rods. A very nice feel, excellent quality and finish, I would call it medium fast, but I’m not that well experienced in different weights. Now I’m a beginner to fly fishing, but I’ve owned dozens of spinning and baitcasting rods over the years, and I can tell this is a pretty good deal. After practicing a few days in a big open backyard to get the proper timing and arm action, I felt I was ready for the water. That next Saturday morning- success on the 3rd cast!!. Long story short- after a late summer and fall season using this rod (and reel) on about every weekend, I’m very happy with the purchase and can’t wait for the ice to melt and get out there again with it. If I were to break it or lose it, I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.”

-“This is the best fly rod you will find for under $100. I paired mine with a redington zero 4/5 weight reel and scientific anglers weight forward 3wt floating trout line. That setup balances the rod perfectly and the fly line is an awesome match loading the rod to cast just right. I bought this rod thinking it would be a replacement for my broke Fenwick Aetos for dry fly fishing. Being that its a graphite rod, it is more on the stiff side than a fiberglass rod. It definitely casts dries well but I found what I like to use it most for, tight line nymphing. In Georgia, streams are covered in rhododendron so making proper casts is usually very hard to do in such tight quarters with a longer rod. This fly rod is very easy to pull through the bush and cast in tight spaces, and with it being so cheap, I’m not afraid to accidentally break it. I really like using this rod to tight line smaller to medium sized creeks.”