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Many people nowadays shut themselves away indoors and make the most of modern day technology such as iPads, laptops and Xboxes instead of heading outside and experiencing the great outdoors. There are a vast range of outdoor activities that people can enjoy and benefit from and one of those is fishing. Through fishing people will learn all about the different aspects of the environment and grow a respect for nature. As the whole family can participate and enjoy fishing together this in turn can enhance the family bond. When children commence fishing at a very early age it can lead to a lifelong love for it. Fishing can teach people to be patient and to stay focused and to concentrate on the task in hand.

Fishing is also a hobby where people do not need to spend hours at the waterside if time does not allow. If the angler can carry a fishing rod in the trunk of their car or in a holdall if they use public transport, then a simple hour’s fishing during a lunch break or on the way home from work can be enjoyed. Tackle, such as fishing rods, fishing reels, lines, lures and all the necessary items of equipment can easily be purchased from a local tackle shop or online from companies such as www.fishermanfirstsupplies.com.

Fishing also comes in many forms, depending on what the angler wants to catch and where the angler chooses to fish. Anglers that want to target trout quite often use specialist fly fishing tackle with small flies such as buzzers and nymphs, although small lures and bait can be used. Largemouth bass anglers can use live baits or various bass fishing lures such as crankbaits, buzz baits and soft plastics, for example senkos and trick worms. Anglers that live near to the coast might opt to fish from a pier or the beach and target species such as redfish, drum, snapper and pompano with various types of bait or artificial lures.

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A lot of people have some form of stress in their lives, whether it comes from everyday family life or a high pressured job. Fishing offers people a stress free environment where cell phones can be turned off and quiet time spent in the great outdoors. Reducing stress is also beneficial for overall health and happiness. Fishing can be great for both physical and mental health as it enables people to spend time in the great outdoors breathing in fresh air and being active.

Participation in fishing enables the angler to interact with the environment whether this is a rugged coastline, roadside pond, surf beach or a small stream. Whilst in these environments wildlife can be seen acting naturally and this can be very calming and also educational.

Fishing is seen as a challenge as anglers pit themselves against a wild creature in their natural environment. Selecting the right method, bait or lure to use is particularly important in helping to fool the fish into eating the offering. When anglers use live baits, consideration should be given as to how to hook and fish with the particular bait selected because if the bait is presented unnaturally, then there is a good chance that the fish will refuse to eat it. The same applies to anglers who use artificial baits such as soft plastic lures and crankbaits as these need to be presented in a lifelike way to imitate a natural food source.

Even when anglers are not actually fishing at the water’s edge, there are still fishing related activities that can be undertaken. Some anglers enjoy making their own rods, fly anglers can spend many hours tying their own flies and others enjoy making bobbers and lures. Reading books and magazines can be enjoyable and educational, as can simply walking around a local tackle shop looking at the vast range of products available and simply talking to people about fishing.


For some people nothing gets much better than eating fresh fish and a very satisfying meal can be provided whether the angler catches trout from a small meandering stream or targets bluefish or flounder in the surf. Fish are rich in protein and contain very little cholesterol so can provide good health benefits. It can also be very satisfying to prepare and eat the fish that have been caught.

Although many places offer the angler access to free fishing, consideration should be given to the fact that before any fishing is undertaken the angler may need a license for fishing in both fresh and saltwater. License requirements vary from state to state.

Overall, the reasons people fish vary from person to person but ultimately fishing can provide a lifelong hobby for everyone that is both relaxing and educational.