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   Fishing at night can be just as rewarding (if not more so) than fishing in the morning or late afternoon if you use the right lure. One of the best lures for night fishing is the jitterbug. I would argue that it’s the only time to use a jitterbug. The gurgling, popping, bubbling and wobbling sound attracts bass from a long way off.
    The jitterbug works best on small lakes or ponds because the water is usually less choppy. When the water is a little rougher, you can use a double jointed jitterbug for more action to attract the fish.
    When you are fishing along the lilies, it is best to use a weedless jitterbug. When you lose a monster bass in the weeds, it tends to make you utter….”fancy words.”
    On nights when the bass aren’t as aggressive, reel your jitterbug in a few feet and wait until the ripples are gone, then reel in a few more feet. When you hear the “SPLOOSH”, be patient and don’t set the hook until you feel “the tug.” Remember, all good things come to those who bait!