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 If you are new to bass fishing, you are in for a treat, and a fight that would excite any angler from coast to coast.
    Bass fishing is definitely a thrill, but where to start? A smaller, lighter pole (5′-6′) is best for beginners so you can “feel the fight” to learn how a bass fights when it is first hooked. Next you will need a few lures to get started. I would suggest a couple crankbaits, and a couple plastic worms. When selecting the crankbaits, get one deep diver and one shallow diver. When selecting the plastic worms, get one natural color and one purple with a white stripe. These will get you on your way.
kid bass.jpg
    Now you need to practice your cast. The less of a splash that you have, the better. (Be careful! I vaguely remember hooking my Dad on my first attempt.) It is a good idea to watch experienced anglers. You will learn a lot and hopefully avoid the mishaps of my beginnings.
    The place to make your bass fishing debut should be a small lake or pond. You won’t catch the monster bass (although you might), but it will give you the experience that you need to become a master bass angler. Spend time on the water. Nothing beats experience, so don’t be in a hurry to learn. Some of the best anglers with a ton of experience will tell you that they are still learning. And finally, HAVE FUN! There is nothing in the world like landing your first bass!